More Reasons To Keep Moving

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More Reasons To Keep Moving

We’re here at The PrivatGym™ a Rittenhouse Personal Training Gym. And we’re thinking about resolutions. We believe that your resolutions need to be meaningful and achievable

So here’s one resolution from our Rittenhouse Personal Training Gym that we encourage everyone to keep:

Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

Which experts define as routine things like walking and climbing stairs.


Four large studies showed that moderate exercise dramatically decreases mortality.

This caught the eye of our Rittenhouse Personal Training Gym team.

In two animal studies moderate exercise improves the brain’s ability to generate new cells. This correlated to better mental function.

The details?

The Washington Post profiled a study at Harvard and one at The Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Both used fitness trackers to follow participants’ activity for several weeks or months.

The Harvard study then followed 16,000 women for an average of 2.3 years. The Swedish study followed 851 people (about half men) for over 14 years.

Both studies found that the most active people – moving more than 6 hours a day – had almost 70 lower mortality rates than the least active participants.

The studies profiled in the NY Times involved male mice. Lots of them. The goal was to compare the new brain cells in active animals versus inactive animals.

So some mice were able to get running wheels and others weren’t. (The first study let them run for a literal lifetime. The second only for a week).

Not only did the active mice have many more new brain cells. But the cells were larger and packed with longer dendrites. This means that they’re more robust. And the cells integrated throughout the brain.

Plus these studies found that the new brain cells helped to improve spatial memory. Which is critical for staying active and mobile.

Remember, here at The PrivatGym™ a Rittenhouse Personal Training Gym we’re here to help.

Our team of expert exercise physiologists and physical therapists will work with you to create a moderate exercise program. We focus on optimal fitness at every age and every level of ability. We will keep you moving.

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