How hungry are you?

  • In Rittenhouse Nutrition is critical to our health. But we can still indulge - wisely.

How hungry are you?

Well, even though it was Saturday in Rittenhouse nutrition was on our minds. Barbuzzo had created frozen “budino pops.” And we’d been by Federal Donuts – a delicious Rittenhouse nutrition challenge – where the Za’tar fried chicken always tempts us to indulge.

While considering just giving in to every temptation. We remembered this article from The Washington Post. It asks: How hungry are you?

The article suggests:

Rate our hunger on a scale from 1 to 10 – may be our most powerful healthy-eating tool.

1 represents famished. With 10 being painfully full.

We’re born with an innate sense of how hungry we are. And being a little hungry can be a good thing. But as you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of temptation out there to eat whether we’re hungry or not.

It’s not just in Rittenhouse nutrition temptation is everywhere.

From the “healthy snacks” in a workplace pantry to hot rolls at a restaurant or even a bowl of hard candy on the kitchen counter.

Of course, our brains and emotions play into eating too. We eat because we “deserve it” or we’re “bored” or we’re “emotionally spent.”

So many of us just eat. We forget to be mindful eaters. From Rome to Rittenhouse nutrition awareness fades away.

Much like John Berardi’s suggestion that we think of exercise as a continuum and not an either or option. Why not think of hunger along the same lines.

Before grabbing that snack, ask yourself where am I on the 1 to 10 hunger scale?

Our Rittenhouse Nutrition Guru – John Rickards – suggests that we want to remain between a 3 – kind of hungry to a 7 – comfortably full. When you’re at either end of the spectrum, you will over eat.

OK and if you want to know: We passed up the chicken. But we indulged in a taste of the Budino Pop.

Need a little help avoiding Rittenhouse nutrition temptations? All of us at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse including John Rickards are here to help. Just ask us or drop us a line.