Rittenhouse Nutrition – Meet Our Registered Dietician

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Rittenhouse Nutrition – Meet Our Registered Dietician

At The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse nutrition counseling remains a priority for us. We KNOW that how you eat, when you eat and what you eat will influence all aspects of your life.

So we’re very excited to announce our association with John Rickards. He’s a registered and licensed dietician.

And, he’s available to consult with clients at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse nutrition counseling has never been easier!

John has been practicing over 10 years and takes a holistic approach nutrition management. And he encourages clients to be active to the best of their abilities. The results are steady progress to your goals.

He has the ability to inspire you to try harder. He loves to educate and motivate people to live a healthy balanced life style.

John received his training at La Salle University. And while he has worked in all facets of nutrition, he specializes in weight management and sports nutrition. This is another reason that we think he’s a perfect for The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse nutrition programs.

Unlike some nutritionists, John is a food lover. For our Rittenhouse nutrition clients that’s a big plus.

And he’s a serious athlete. This helps him connect with clients understand their challenges and instill discipline.

Critically, John has credentials with most health insurance plans in the Philadelphia area and accepts them.

Learn more about John here: yourwellnessconsultants.com.

We’ll be glad to connect you. And you can contact John directly at: jfrwellness@gmail.com.

What could better nutrition do for you?

  • In the short-term, eating well will improve your personal training or physical therapy results. And you’ll feel better.
  • In the mid-term we believe that healthy eating and weight management helps your health. Reducing saturated fats and other “bad” foods helps your overall health. Bad cholesterol decreases. And, body fat can turn to lean muscle mass. These changes lead to heart health, more energy and greater mental clarity.
  • When you lose those extra pounds you take a load of your joints. You’ll move better and without pain.
  • Longer-term, studies show that you’ll probably live longer. And you’ll probably live better when you maintain a healthy diet and moderate weight.

That said: Whether you’re in Rio or Rittenhouse nutrition counseling can help you.

Weight loss and healthy eating can be tough to do on your own.

That’s where John comes in. He’s like a Sherpa guiding you to healthier well-being.

As always here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse nutrition, fitness and your well-being our our concerns. Questions? Comments? Just contact us.