• Private Rittenhouse Personal Training can change your body. And your life.


Here at The PrivatGym™, many clients use our private Rittenhouse personal training to keep them fit and active.

And others want their private Rittenhouse personal training to help them transform their lives.

One of those is Tracy. We’ve included photos. You can see the changes.

Tracy’s reinvention transfixed – and involved – our entire team.

But we’ve asked Chris Byiers her main trainer to relate Tracy’s Rittenhouse personal training transformation story:

When Tracy walked through the door of The PrivatGym™ I saw a stressed, motivated but under energized person. A successful pharma executive, Tracy had competed in college crew. But she’d lost the ability to access her “inner athlete.”

Private Rittenhouse Personal Training - Tracy Then

Tracy – Before

Private Rittenhouse Personal Training

Tracy – Today

We started by collaborating on Tracy’s goals. And we looked at fitness, diet and life balance as we formulated them.

One key component for Tracy was to rebuild her confidence. She wanted to regain her athletic prowess and ability to achieve.

So we started with a program of intense appropriate exercise routine. And added a rigorous balanced approach to nutrition.

It wasn’t easy. But as Tracy said:

“In the first week, I felt better, slept better and had more energy. It was amazing.”

We continued the regular strength and conditioning phase. And worked three times a week to increase the intensity while keeping Tracy injury free.

Tracy’s commitment to the program amazed and impressed me. As her strength improved we began increasing her cardiovascular activity.

And we worked with The PrivatGym™ team to develop routines to help her core strength and hip instability. We kept tabs on her nutrition and tweaked what she ate from time to time. Because, we believe that it takes a village to get results.

Tracy started to see results, so we upped the game with her goals. Sure, we had a few hurdles and bumps in the road. But, Tracy kept at it. She focused relentlessly on reinvention. And it’s worked!

Among other achievements: Tracy’s lost 40 pounds. And she completed her first Triathlon.

(Yes you read that right 40 pounds and a triathlon. We are so proud – we had to repeat it).

I’m proud – and honored – to have helped Tracy surpass her fitness goals. She’s become as confident about her athletic abilities as she is about her professional one.

Clients like Tracy are just one reason why we love our private Rittenhouse personal training. Of course, not every client makes such dramatic progress. But all of our clients are motivated, goal-driven friends who come to us to make progress. We love our work. Thanks for making it possible.

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