Run: For Your Life

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Run: For Your Life

In our Philly Personal Training The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse, we’re always on the lookout for a articles and studies that will help keep clients healthier and fitter longer.

About 3 years ago, a widely noted study by The Cooper Institute in Dallas showed that as little as 5 minutes of daily running led to a longer lifespan.

Yes. Running 5 minutes a day extended your lifespan. Our Philly personal training team was surprised too.

Naturally, this raised many questions. Could it be true? Could you run too much? Wasn’t any cardio exercise just as good?

Now The New York Times (here’s the link) reported that “Progress in Cardiovascular Disease” (and the full study) just published a study-of-studies. This exhaustive look led by Duck-chal Lee PhD confirmed and expanded the initial findings. And it answered some of those questions.

Naturally, aerobic activity helps improve life span. Every Philly personal training professional knows that. Specifically, it reduces the risk of premature death by 12%. But biking, walking, and other exercises – even at the same level of exertion as running – don’t match the benefits of running.

And we’ll bet that not many Philly personal training experts know this:

Running, even sporadically reduces the risk of premature death by 16% and reduces the risk of fatal heart attacks by a whooping 25%.

And duration, pace and regularity didn’t really change the results: running can help us cheat death. Or so the study suggests.

Now the caveat: The benefit has limits. No matter how much you run, the maximum impact on longevity is about three years.

The researchers calculate that if you run 2 hours a week for forty years the cumulative six months of running gets 3.2 years more longevity. So running 1 hour gets you 7.

Our Philly Personal Training team at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse suggests: Hit the road. Your pace and distance don’t matter. Doing it does!

Ready for a program that includes running for your health? We’re here to help.