Philly Fitness Training Matching Your Personality – Here’s How

  • Optimize Philly fitness training with personal training that matches your personality,

Philly Fitness Training Matching Your Personality – Here’s How

Most of our clients are driven and goal oriented – that’s why we work together for Philly fitness training. And generally, we’re only working together a few times a week.

Remember: for optimal health, 5 sessions of vigorous training remains the gold standard.

So when you’re not at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse how, what and where will be the best fit to keep you at your Philly fitness training?

Thinking about your personality can help. As The Washington Post noted recently – ask yourself for example: “what tends to recharge you out of work? Is it a hot bath and a glass of wine? Or is it a big meal with friends?”

We’ve come up with a few questions about you to help keep your Philly fitness training fun and effective:

  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? There’s no judgment. If you’re the quiet glass of wine type, we bet that you’ll be happier adding a solo fitness activity. Or perhaps trying group fitness, like spin classes, where there’s not much interaction with others. And, our extroverts love things like boot camp.
  2. Do you measure your goals against yourself? Or in relation to others? Clients who hold themselves to their own standards often prefer individual exercise programs. Team sports can frustrate them. Sports like running or cycling don’t have to be competitive.  On the other hand, we’ve got a lot of friends of all ages who still live for pick-up basketball or competitive softball.
  3. Do you like boisterous places or intimate ones? Many clients like our low-key private environment for their one-on-ones. But like a favorite big bustling restaurant, they want the buzz and interaction of a big gym for their other workouts. Conversely, some of us prefer running, cycling or power walking and shudder at the thought of a big crowded gym.

When you love your workouts – you’ll keep doing them.

Regardless, it’s all about you and about pushing to get those workouts in. And, not about a hard and fast choice. Keeping at Philly fitness training remains the goal.

And, if you need extra motivation everyone at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse can help with consultation and guidance.