Private Group Fitness

Philadelphia Private Group Fitness at BONES Fitness Partners.Some people enjoy working out with their friends.  Or they like the feeling of camaraderie.  Therefore, The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse offers “on-demand” Philadelphia private group fitness classes for 4-8 people.  These allow our clients a chance to work hard and be motivated by peers.  Or they can help focus on specific needs.  Options might include flatter bellies, better balance, or even foot flexibility.

Custom Philadelphia Private Group Fitness Classes

Often our clients set ambitious new goals.  And we find that they do this with friends.  So private group fitness offers a great way to get and stay motivated.  So, whether you’re planning for a special occasion where you want to look your best.  Perhaps a wedding or college reunion looms ahead.  Or you’re preparing for an upcoming fitness challenge. Say you entered the Broad Street Run.  Or, a ski trip, we’ll help your group be in optimal shape.

Corporate Philadelphia Private Group Fitness Classes and Events

Corporations and professional groups ask us to create events for them.  We travel to their location or host them at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse.  The PrivatGym™ team creates custom group fitness programs for each event.  Some want a short discussion about a work related topic and a gentle Philadelphia private group fitness class.  Others prefer a full-on intense work out.  Regardless, either option offers the opportunity for fun, active team building.  And you can learn more about the benefits of corporate fitness and wellness here.

Impromptu Philadelphia Private Group Fitness – Client Events

Occasionally The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse offers our clients the opportunity to join us in a specialized series of small weekend classes.  It’s a fun way to focus on a specific challenge and work out with a few new people.  And we like keeping our client partners engaged.

We try to offer complimentary lunchtime or weekend Philadelphia private group fitness sessions.  So, our goal: delight and entertain our clients and friends every 8 weeks.  And, our classes range from stretching and flexibility to core exercise or travel workouts.

Just like with our private fitness training, we invite collaboration with our impromptu private group fitness events