Corporate Fitness and Wellness

What’s fitness and wellness worth at work?

Regardless of whether you are in Timbuktu or Philadelphia corporate fitness has value. Because, the answer remains:

More than you think.

We’ve got the hard facts*:

$3.50 reduction in healthcare costs for every dollar you spend on fitness and wellness. And, that’s in the first year!

$7 to $10 ROI for disease-management programs. Also in the first year.

$3 to $6 ROI on lifestyle-behavior change programs within 2 years.

Plus, you get the halo-bonus of being considered a caring employer.

What can The PrivatGym| Rittenhouse offer your company for Philadelphia Corporate Fitness?

We’re a private gym focused on custom fitness programs. So we can work with you to give you what will be best for your team. But, we do offer six options including attractive corporate pricing:

Group Exercise at Your Site – build camaraderie and encourage benefits of exercise.

“In just ½ hour of low-impact fun exercise, my team gets energized and becomes more open to collaborating. It’s kind of amazing.” – Enrico Leon, Vynamic

One-on-One Fitness & Wellness – we’ll help key employees improve their health profile. And ensure that they stay the course.

Onsite wellness programs – health seminars, desk-side stretching and more to educate your team.

Corporate wellness management – full-blown workplace wellness program – from healthy snacks to compliance, we’ve got your back.

Team Building Fitness – build and bond your team.

Offsite exercise and wellness programs – hosting clients at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse – seminars; circuit training.

Corporate PricingThe PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse’s lowest, most flexible prices.

Your employees can buy single 1-hour sessions for only $89 (a 30% discount).

When 5 to 9 employees buy Privat Personal Training packages, they receive a 10% discount.

And, when 10 + employees buy Privat Personal Training packages, your discount jumps to 15%.


Let’s talk.  Just shoot an email and we’ll get right back to you.


*Hey, here’s where we got the facts.