We’re private. And social. And that’s good.

  • Our Philadelphia Personal Trainer Loves Seeing Clients Interact

We’re private. And social. And that’s good.

Hey, we’re The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse. And many of you love us for that. Thanks. Every Philadelphia Personal Trainer here will take it.

So we’re also happy that many of you – our client friends – interact easily with other clients. We love the easy interactions on the studio floor and the lounge.

And every Philadelphia Personal Trainer at The PrivatGym™ loves watching casual acquaintances become casual friends.

KEEP IT UP. It can help keep us healthy. And help us live longer.

It can seem obvious. But serious large-scale medical studies show that social isolation is a risk factor for dying. As a British study noted:

“Individuals’ experiences within social relationships significantly predicted risk of mortality.”

This article in The Washington Post covers the bases. Two serious facts from a huge Meta analysis caught our eye:

  • Isolation is a risk factor for dying. In fact it’s as strong a predictive factor as smoking and drinking.
  • And isolation is more of a morbidity risk factor than being inactive or obese.

Our Philadelphia Personal Trainer Team has been thinking that regardless of our age, we want to age in place. So interacting with other people can help that happen.

Yes getting out is great when you’re older. And isn’t just as great for everyone?

You can be a new mom, an overworked lawyer or that single senior and feel isolated.

As a Philadelphia Personal Trainer here quoted: “What good is sitting alone in your room?”

So again, keep it up. Keep coming in. Hey, we’re happy if you want to drop by for a cup of Elixr coffee and a protein ball.

And if you want to just get in touch, we love hearing from you. Seriously, we do.

Just contact us here. Or give a call on 215.545.6500.