What’s Fitness Worth At Work?

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What’s Fitness Worth At Work?

Here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse we love creating Philadelphia Corporate Fitness Programs.  They’re fun for the participants – and for us.

Plus, Philadelphia Corporate Fitness Programs are beneficial.

So, not to get too nerdy, but here’s what we learned with some research:

  • There’s a $3.50 savings in direct healthcare costs for every dollar spent.
  • Employers see $7 to $10 ROI in the first year using wellness programs for disease management.
  • And they see $3 to $5 ROI in two years for lifestyle and behavioral change programs.

Not sure about the value of a corporate fitness program?  Well, then you might want to check out this article from the Harvard Business Review.

Onsite Philadelphia Corporate Fitness Programs can be a great way to motivate employees to change.

Among other offerings, we’ve created onsite group exercise and wellness programs. We helped executives with one-on-one fitness.  And we’ve used fitness for team building.

And, here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse our team has the qualifications to build a successful corporate fitness and well program.

They’re all certified exercise physiologists.  They have 4-year degrees.  Plus, they each have more than 4,000 hours of personal training experience.  And they have advanced certifications.  These range from Yamuna® to Titleist® TPI golf training.

Curious about our Philadelphia Corporate Fitness Programs? 

Give us a call at 215.545.6500 or email us.

We’re such believers in the value of workplace fitness that we’ll create a on-off session just for you.  On us. That’s right – a one-hour interactive program for Free.

We want all our clients, employees and friends – and their friends – to enjoy optimal health.

Whether you’re part of our Philadelphia Corporate Fitness Programs or working one-on-one, we’re here to help.