Golf, Tennis, Running – It’s Time for Spring Training

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Golf, Tennis, Running – It’s Time for Spring Training

It’s almost spring. Lots of us are raring to go. We’re ready to shake off winter. We want get outdoors and engage in our favorite sports.

Preparation – like golf fitness instruction or tennis workouts have value.

Why? Because many of us forget that some “pre-sports” – or “pre-season” – training helps you do your best and avoid getting injured.

All athletes benefit from training.

And in spring, golfers, tennis players and runners do much better with “pre-season” training. Here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse we’re experts at getting you ready.

Golfer?  Tim Hampton added golf fitness instruction certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Certification means that Tim can use proven TPI systems to evaluate your swing, health and attitude. He’ll then develop a custom plan using TPI methods. These include fitness training and adjusting your mental approach to the game. TPI insures that you have the most efficient and effective swing possible. You will improve your game and minimize the risk of injury.

Tennis Player?  Tennis depends on agility and lower-body flexibility. This Men’s Fitness article includes many exercises that our Specialized Workout Partners use with clients. But, before hitting the court, any of our trainers can devise a program that will have you at peak fitness. And, our Chris Byiers has lobbed many tennis balls and excels at core, flexibility and strength training.

Runner?  Running may be the sport where it’s most tempting to skip training. Bad idea. Flexibility, stretching and strengthening are key to running without injury. Many of the tennis exercises help.  And, Tenley Ammerman has coached many professional athletes. She helped them strengthen relevant muscles and minimize injuries. Her programs will get you ready to run. Plus her mastery of the Yamuna® flexibility technique can help you. Yamuna® reduces the impact of running on your feet while it improves your stride.

When you’re ready to train, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s golf fitness instruction from TPI, a program of tennis workouts or an effective plan for low-impact running that incorporates Yamuna® we can develop your custom program.