Nutrition: Salt – Pro and Con

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Nutrition: Salt – Pro and Con

Here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse – Fitness Training Philadelphia central, we all LOVE salt. And let’s be honest: Most of us love salt.

But two recent articles almost gave us whiplash.

Pro: Salt’s magic. It “pops” the flavor of everything from cucumbers to vanilla ice cream.

That’s why we love it.

MacDowell Fellow and food maven Samin Nosrat wrote a fascinating ode to salt in the NY Times. She points out that we’re often afraid of using too much salt. In fact, cooking at home you probably won’t do that. And it may take more salt than we think to get the best flavor sensation.

Great we thought. Then we read an article in Time.

Con: too much salt may be making us fat. And decreasing muscle mass.  

The Time article mentioned two studies. Both found that increasing salt consumption decreased our water intake. (Counter intuitive to us Fitness Training Philadelphia “experts”). Which is definitely not healthy. And increasing salt consumption dramatically increased your hunger levels.

The first study involved only eleven cosmonauts. The large second study with mice replicated the experiment. It confirmed the results about reduced water intake and change in appetite. And, the mice got fat.

More troubling, that study linked high-salt diets to breakdown of muscle protein. Increased glucocorticoids caused the problem. And glucocorticoids are associated with developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity and osteoporosis. Ugh.

Here at The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse we believe in everything in moderation.   As you may know, most salt in our diets doesn’t come from salting or seasoning our foods. Processed foods and restaurant meals are the culprits that lead to high sodium intake.

Here’s what we suggest to our Fitness Training Philadelphia “Family”: Why not read labels on processed foods? And avoid them!

One serving of luncheon meat can contain half of the daily recommended 3160 milligrams of salt.

So, before grabbing that hoagie, when you’re part our Fitness Training Philadelphia Family, we’d suggest: think about the side effects.

And when you’re at home why not carefully embrace Nosrat’s love of salt?

Bon Appetit!