Center City Fitness Training: Write It Down, Change It Up

  • Center CIty Fitness Training - set goals for better results.

Center City Fitness Training: Write It Down, Change It Up

Here at The PrivatGym™ in Center City Fitness Training involves goals. They’re benchmarks for better health and fitness. And goals keep us on track.

Our Tenley Ammerman has a two-point plan for reaching your fitness goals.

On the road or in Center City fitness training – aka your workout – will be more effective when you write down your plan.

And we suggest you write it down before you begin

Why? Well, Tenley’s got three answers:

  1. We forget what we’ve done. So we repeat ourselves.
  2. We focus on a few exercises and areas. We do what’s familiar – and easy. And vanity can tempt us to concentrate on just an area or two – say your chest or arms.
  3. We cheat ourselves. Skipping the last reps – or even the last set – always tempts. Hey, we’re only human.

When you do the same exercises, in the same order, with the same weights and reps your body remembers. It adapts to the repetition to make it easier and less stressful. That’s why if you repeat an exercise regularly you don’t feel any intensity after a few weeks.

And, like everywhere else, in Center City fitness training results come from intensity. Period.

So Tenley’s second point follows naturally:

When you work out, change it up.

Boredom won’t set in. You’ll probably work more intensely. So you’ll see better results.

And, changing it up even slightly is effective.

It’s quite amazing. Research shows that simply changing the order of exercises fools your body. It’s shaken up and “assumes” that you’re doing new and different exercises.

If you always do chest flies and then Triceps presses, just switch the order.

You can also increase intensity and effectiveness by varying the number of sets, the reps or the weights.

Write it down. Change it up. Who knew success could be so succinct?

And if you don’t trust us, check out what the National Institute of Health believes about exercise goals.