At BONES | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse fitness workouts make up the core of our business. And while we focus on one-on-one training in our luxury gym many of our clients travel and work out on their own.

The essence of our Rittenhouse fitness workouts playbook: Core. Cardio. Calories.

We believe that effective exercising focuses on building core strength and using cardio fo improve your endurance.  Along with core and cardio monitoring calories – and the types of calories – ensures success.

So whether you’re in our Rittenhouse fitness studio or away, we’ll provide with a custom workout program. Of course, we tailor it to your goals, strengths and limitations. You may not love every exercise. But you will get results. Guaranteed.

With that in mind At BONES | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse fitness workouts and suggested exercises get added to our blog. Clients find it a great way to jog their memory even when they don’t train with us.

Workout News: