At BONES | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse Fitness is more than Exercise

Here at BONES Fitness | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse Fitness means so much more than just exercise.

Yes, our practice focuses around exercise.  Since our team believes in optimal fitness at every age.  That said, we view fitness as being about that oft-used term: well-being.

And how do we define well-being, beyond being physically fit?  We look at five areas that we believe represent the keys to well-being.

Our 5 Fitness Essentials:

  1. Engagement.  We ask about and monitor our clients’ engagement with the real world.  Young or old, married or single it has become easy to get isolated.  We all can spend so much time on our screens that we don’t interact with other people.  This can lead to loneliness and depression.
  2. Flexibility.  Here at The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse fitness clients ask and complain about doing flexibilty exercises. that increase flexibility. But, at every age staying flexible keeps as agile and mobile. Whether we’re sports nuts or just trying to staying, flexibility makes the difference.
  3. Nutrition.  We believe that you are what you eat.  And, we advocate eating everything in moderation. But we know – and so do our clients – that a balanced diet leads to a healthier life.
  4. Sleep.  We hear it regulalry at The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse fitness clients brag that they don’t need sleep.  They believe that sleeping just a few hours a day equals being strong and powerful.  Well, they’re wrong.  Getting enough sleep makes us sharper and happier.  Plus, it regulates cortisol production – so weight maintenance is easier.
  5. Stress.  So, we’ll end on the big one. We all lead stressful lives.  And we believe that many of us who feel stressed can with work reduce their stress level.  Because studies prove again and again that stress shortens our lives, darkens our outlook, ruins our diet and upsets our sleep.

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