At BONES | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse nutrition counseling plays an important role. So in our fitness and well-being programs we integrate healthier eating suggestions.

We believe that you are what you eat.

An ounce is an ounce. And that calories per ounce range all over the map. And we see that many of us have trouble navigating that maze.

So, we work with certified nutrition counselors.

And while our locations adjoins Rittenhouse nutrition counseling takes place via phone or video conferencing. That’s what our clients prefer.

The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse nutrition counseling programs get custom tailored for you. Every program reflects your goals and what you like – or loathe – eating. You’ll like what you’re eating. And you’ll get results – Guaranteed.

And, we know that you can’t exercise your way to your ideal weight. So we search out interesting, fun and safe nutitions ideas for our clients.

Nutrition News: