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Client and Friends Events at BONES | The PrivatGym™ a Rittenhouse Luxury Gym

Here at BONES Fitness Partners | The PrivatGym™ we host events for our clients and friends in our Rittenhouse Luxury Gym.  We want to delight, excite and educate our clients and friends.  And to have a great time!

Therefore, we try to mix it up a bit.  Events have included lunchtime classes, impromptu workshops and of course a few evening parties.  We’ll keep you posted and post here!

Corporate Events at BONES | The PrivatGym™ Rittenhouse Luxury Gym

Also, we offer our Rittenhouse Private Gym for corporate events.  We find that 15 to 30 people can enjoy a team-building or networking event in our luxury gym.

Collaborating with the client to meet their needs, we create an appropriate event.  And take care of everything.  After all, we’re always all-inclusive.

We’ve had events focused on nutrition, stress reduction and even using Yamuna for staying flexible.

Events and News: