“I realized something needed to change.”


“Having reached a BMI within the obese range, developed symptoms concerning for diabetes, and worsening mood and anxiety at the age of thirty, I realized something needed to change.

When a friend recommended Hector Bones I was not expecting much since I’ve had sub-par experiences with personal trainers in the past. However, I was desperate to get healthy, and looking back, I see that this was one of the best decisions I ever made. He far exceeded my expectations and has changed my life.

Hector listened to me and my concerns and developed a plan that has led me to a much happier, confident and healthier place. He is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. He made me feel at ease instantly.

Within weeks of working with him I felt my mood elevating and myself gaining confidence. Within three months I was able to reach a goal weight I thought impossible and I have continued to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass.

Hector’s expertise extends beyond the gym. He has also aided me in understanding food, and how my body utilizes it. I feel empowered, educated, healthy, and in control.

I highly recommend Hector to anyone looking to make a positive change. I can’t thank him enough.”

Zehra Aftab, MD

“Bringing home the hardware!”


“As a competitive masters rower I wanted to improve my strength and cardio conditioning to advance to the next level. I tried training on my own, but found that I needed someone who could teach me how to use the gym equipment properly and train effectively for results. That person was Hector.

Hector is an exceptional motivator. He knows my limits and helps me to reach my full potential. He knows when to push gently, when to encourage, and makes every training session a positive experience. He incorporates tremendous variety into our workouts, which keeps my body guessing and keeps me from being bored.

The workouts are tailored to my specific goals. Since training with Hector I have won multiple medals and have improved my results every year. It has been easy to make the commitment to training on my end, because Hector matches my commitment with his own.”

Dale Parenti, client since 2011

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