Philadelphia Nutrition Counseling

Philadelphia nutrition counseling

Our Philadelphia Nutrition Counseling Philosophy

You are what you eat.  An ounce is an ounce.  A calorie is a calorie.  And calories per ounce are all over the map.  So, for our Philadelphia nutrition counseling programs, BONES Fitness Partners teams with certified dietitians who consult with our clients.  They offer practical nutrition counseling.

They help you set calorie goals, develop exciting meal plans and work with you weekly to help keep you on course.

How Our Philadelphia Nutrition Counseling Works

Losing weight isn’t one and done.  Therefore, at BONES we offer two packages to help you achieve weight and nutrition goals.  You can choose a five-session package or a ten-session package.

Both Philadelphia nutrition counseling packages include a one-hour consultation to learn about you.  Then we develop your nutritional goals and create your healthy weight loss strategy.

It’s not a cookie cutter approach to nutritional counseling.  We build your plan around your preferences.  Vegetarian?  No problem.  Carnivore?  That’s fine too.  Gluten intolerant or hypoglycemic?  We will accommodate your needs.

Some clients prefer to use prepared meals, others work with meal delivery services.  And some dive into a “from scratch” routine.

Regardless, your Philadelphia nutrition counseling program will include food diaries and a weekly follow-up session.  This 30-minute nutritional counseling “tune up” lets us tweak your program.  So that you’re satisfied and satiated while you’re making progress.

Philadelphia Nutrition Counseling Results Guaranteed.

Just like with our personal training, our Philadelphia nutrition counseling comes with guaranteed results.  When you work weekly with our certified dieticians and follow your custom built nutrition program, you will see results.  They may not be dramatic.  But you will lose weight and feel better. Guaranteed.  Or your-money back.*


* We are serious about results.  Therefore, if you are not satisfied, then BONES will refund your money – to a maximum of 10 pre-paid sessions.