Philadelphia Personal Training Services

Philadelphia Personal Training in BONES Fitness Private Gym

Philadelphia Private Training

At BONES Fitness Partners, only certified fitness trainers provide Philadelphia Personal Training.  Therefore, we employ Specialized Training Partners and Expert Training Partners.   Because this lets our client partners’ meet their specific personal training needs.

Client partners buy private training sessions in 1, 5, 10 or 20 package sessions.  And clients can use sessions with any of our Training Partners.

So you have complete flexibility to train effectively.

Nutrition Counseling complements BONES Philadelphia personal training

Philadelphia Nutrition Counseling

Eating well helps clients be healthier.  So, BONES offers nutrition counseling.  And, we design them to complement our Philadelphia Personal Training.  We help you achieve weight and nutrition goals.   Since thhis takes time and effort, we offer 5 and 10 session packages.

First, our registered nutrition counselor learns about you.  Together you develop your nutritional goals.  Then, she creates your healthy weight loss strategy.  Finally, weekly follow-up sessions help tweak your program.  Because while you’re making progress, we want you satisfied and satiated.

BioPrint/Hormonal Profiling complements BONES Philadelphia personal training

BioPrint/Hormonal Profiling
in Philadelphia

BioPrint® measures body fat.  And it uses proprietary algorithms for analysis.  These identify which system need balancing.  Factors include stress, sleep, inflammation, androgen, and detoxification.

Then our personal trainers work with you.  And, we create a program of Philadelphia personal training to help correct your imbalances.   Finally, if needed, we suggest supplements to correct the imbalance.

Philadelphia personal training. Beyond Fitness Program - personal training, endurance, weight control, life balance.

Beyond Fitness

Some clients want – or need – more guidance.  So we created this all-inclusive 10 week intensive course.  It goes beyond personal training.  We focus on weight loss (up to 10 pounds.  So, the goal evolves from your fitness evaluation and eating habits.  And we look at life/work balance.  Also. we consider body strengthening while adding endurance training.  Therefore, we help you achieve your personal best in 10 weeks.

Philadelphia personal training services include Private Group Training with your friends

Private Group Fitness

Some people enjoy working out with their friends.   Or they enjoy the feeling of camaraderie.  So, BONES offers “on-demand” private fitness training.

These group trainings run for six weeks.  And we limit them to 4 to 6 participants.  Which gives our clients a chance to work hard and get motivated by their peers.

Fitness Assessment and Customized Workout Plan

Fitness Assessment and
Customized Workout Plan

We’re pleased to offer a 120-minute fitness assessment with one of our certified personal trainers.  We’ll help set your Philadelphia Personal Training goals.  First, we check your current physical condition.  Then, we evaluate and discuss where we begin,  Next, we set your goals.  Finally, we create a customized six-week independent workout personal training program designed for you to achieve on your own..