Our Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer Team

Only a Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer – or Personal Training Partner – works in our Philadelphia private gym.  So, to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations, we only employ the most qualified certified fitness trainers.

The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse Specialized Personal Training Partners have  bachelor degrees or more.  They have 4+ years and 5,000+ hours of experience.   They also have 4 or more certifications.  So they can work with clients with specialized conditions.   And they are actively engaged in continuing education in their areas of expertise.

At The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse, we match you with the perfect personal trainer.  We respect your needs and goals.  Because goals may change, client partners have the option of working with any of our trainers.  You are a client of The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse.  You have total flexibility.

We believe in our Personal Training Partners’ effectiveness.  And, working with a Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer,  you will reach your goals.  Guaranteed.  Or your money back.*

Specialized Personal Training Partners – Our Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainers

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer & Founder – Hector Bones

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer - Hector Bones BioPrint Expert

Hector Bones holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Temple University.  He specialized in Exercise Science.  He has been a successful certified fitness trainer for more than 6 years.  Before founding The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse, Hector trained clients and taught group classes at The Sporting Club at The Bellevue.

Hector’s philosophy is: optimal fitness at every age.  Therefore, he believes that with personal attention, an individual holistic program, patience and persistence we can all become and remain our best selves.

Hector holds specialized TRX certification.  Also, he is a certified fitness trainer for Pre and Post Natal fitness.  And he is the only fitness trainer in Philadelphia with a BioPrint certification.

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer – Tenley Ammerman

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer - Tenley Ammerman - Yamuna ExpertTenley holds a B.S. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a M.Ed. from Northeast Louisiana University.  Both degrees are in Health and Physical Education.  She competed on a national level in Bodybuilding and Olympic Weightlifting.  Since retiring from competition she has pursued her passion and became a certified fitness trainer.  And, she studied injury prevention.  And Tenley became certified in Yamuna Bodyrolling – an innovative pain relief and relaxation technique.

Tenley has worked as an elite Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Her expertise as a certified fitness trainer includes training elite athletes and professional dancers.  Also, Tenley excels at helping elderly clients who have never worked out before.

She specializes in creating custom fitness programs that help injuries or physical imbalances.

Finally, Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly named Tenley Best Personal Trainer in 2007.

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer – Chris Byiers

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer - Chris Byiers - Motivational ExpertChris became a certified fitness trainer after a successful career as a software architect on Wall Street.  Having been a semi-professional European football player, he longed for an active and social profession.  While pursuing his passion, Chris studied physiology and fitness at the American Academy of Personal Training.  And, he graduated at the top of his class in 2009.

His clients goals vary widely.  These include increasing running speed and endurance and serious weight training.  Other clients want to be able to outplay their friends at flag football or get into their skinny jeans.

Also, Chris is motivating without being abrasive.  He offers firm challenging programs.  But, without being a drill sergeant.  Therefore, he focuses on meeting your goals while tailoring a program that respects your body and gets results.

Certified Philadelphia Fitness Trainer & Partnership Director – Tim Hampton

Philadelphia Fitness Trainer & Partnership Director - Tim HamptonTim holds a B.S. in Exercise Science Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. Tim has been a certified fitness trainer since 2011 and an Exercise Physiologist since 2013. He joins The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse after four years at Zarrett Rehab and Fitness.

Tim uses his extensive knowledge of exercise physiology to help clients meet goals that they believed unattainable. Like the rest of our team, he believes that everybody and every body has unique needs.

Tim became a certified fitness trainer with ACSM – The American College of Sports Medicine.   He then became a certified fitness trainer for golf with NASM.  He helps golfers increase their stability, mobility, accuracy and power.

Tim has extensive experience with rehab patients. So, he excels at helping clients get ready for rehabilitation surgeries with “Prehab” fitness programs.

At The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse, Tim will also be helping to improve our client experience and develop corporate partnerships.

Join our Certified Personal Training Team

We are always in the process of identifying more outstanding candidates.  We continue to expand our team of Philadelphia certified fitness trainers.  So if you qualify, please contact us at train@theprivatgym.com.

* We are serious about results.  Therefore, if you are not satisfied, The PrivatGym™ | Rittenhouse will refund your money – to a maximum of 10 pre-paid sessions.